Best Spanish Movies To Watch


  One of the best ways to learn Spanish language is by watching movies in Spanish with subtitles. Here we give you the first part of our list of  Best Spanish Movies to watch.   Cell 211 (Celda 211) 2009 An impressive prison drama directed by Daniel Monzonis called “Celda 211” won a staggering 8 […]

5 Best International Restaurants in Barcelona

5 Best International Restaurants in Barcelona

Are you bored of tapas? Just check out our list of 5 Best International Restaurants in Barcelona!   Bacoa Burger 200 g of juicy charcoal grilled meat on buns, with homemade mayo, tomatoes, lettuce? How does it sound for you? For me, absolutely delicious!! So, there is this an amazing burger restaurant called Bacoa that […]

English – Spanish False Friends – Part 1

English - Spanish false friends

English – Spanish false friends False friends – a term that sounds a lot more dramatic than it is! Essentially false friends are words that sound similar between two languages, and lull you into a false sense of security before leading you straight into the middle of an awkward situation – much like an actual […]

Why should I learn Spanish?

spanish language facts

Why is Spanish an important language to learn? There are so many reasons, ranging from professional to intellectual to personal that could motivate you to learn another language. For an English speaker looking to learn a second language, Spanish is certainly one of the easiest and smartest choices. If you’re asking yourself, “Why should I […]

Don-Spanish Summer Success!

Don-Spanish Summer

We want to thank everyone involved for a great Don-Spanish Summer , the first one of many to come!!!   Apart from the obvious, Spanish Language-Learning in the class, we did real time learning while walking around the city…    Post-Class Beers…   Picnics in the park:   Local wining and dining…   And these […]

2016 new years resolution: Learning Spanish! why?


Learning Spanish is necessary to keep pace with popular culture. Learning Spanish will enable you to keep pace with Hispanic influence on culture which is strong and getting stronger. Many films, TV shows … are influenced by Hispanic culture, and so are there jokes or plots. Learning Spanish is actually a medical device! Research indicates […]

Negative words in Spanish

Negative words in spanish

Last week we spoke about positive words. Today it’s time for the negative words in Spanish. As the name implies, there are words that have a negative meaning, but we will also see that sometimes can support a positive idea. Let’s see some examples. Negative words in Spanish: No – no, not Nadie / ninguno […]

Positive words in Spanish


We use this words to indicate an affirmative sentence, but similarity between them creates some confusion, here are the translation to most of the positive words in Spanish and English – Algo – something– Alguien / alguno – someone (The words alguien / alguno refer to people, both have the same meaning) For example:¿Alguien esta […]

Spanish, the fastest language


Spanish is the fastest language. Yes , it is strange to say that a language can be the fastest of all, but it is. The speed of a language is based on the number of syllables an average speaker is able to pronounce per second. And in this aspect our language takes the cake: Spanish […]