Top 4 classic Spanish recipes

In the mood for Spanish food, then why not take a look at Don-Spanish’s top 4 tasty recipes. From scrumptious seafood to traditional chorizos, they’re all sure to tantalise your taste buds. Patatas bravas This could be considered the most ubiquitous of all tapas, patatas bravas vary quite a bit around the country, but all […]

Christmas time in Barcelona

Ever wondered how the Spanish and Catalan spend their Christmas time in Barcelona? Here are a couple of traditions that will give you a little insight into their holiday festivities! Tio de nadal Tio de nadal, also commonly known as caga tio (loosely translated in english as the “poo log”). This is a traditional Catalan […]

Top 5 trendy shops in Gracia

trendy shops in Gracia

If you are bored of the same old shops that plaster the high street and want a breath of fresh air, then why not venture to Verdi? It has long been one of Gràcia’s liveliest streets, where business and culture are the focus, and bars and independent shops of all descriptions are battling for space. […]

Brunch in Barcelona

Brunch in Barcelona

For those who BRUNCH Who doesn’t enjoy a good brunch whether it’s on a lazy sunday or after a Friday night out with your friends? Here are five perfect  cafés to brunch in Barcelona and spend a perfect afternoon. For those of you who are interested in gluten free and vegetarian foods:   Flax & Kale– […]

Cool facts about Barcelona- Part 1

cool facts about barcelona

Barcelona, internationally known as one of the most culturally vibrant and quirky cities, not just in Europe, but in the world, is naturally full of interesting and fun little curiosities that non-locals may or may not be aware of. Here’s our list of some cool facts about Barcelona! Valentine’s Day is St. George’s Day: Rather […]

Gaudi’s Best Works In Barcelona

Gaudi’s Best Works In Barcelona

The most famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí can’t be unnoticed when you are walking in the streets of Barcelona. From many of his creations the most known are: Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, Park Güell and Casa Milà. Enjoy our new blog post: Gaudi’s Best Works In Barcelona! Sagrada Família Construction of Sagrada Família started in 1882 by architect Francisco Paula de Villar with Gaudí […]

Barcelona’s Greatest Architect – Antoni Gaudi

Barcelona's Greatest Architect - Antoni Gaudi

We can´t talk about Barcelona without talking about Gaudi. Wherever you go in Barcelona you will see his influence and his buildings. Even if you don´t know anything about architecture or Gaudi, you will intuitively be able to identify Gaudí buildings, because they are unmistakable! Enjoy our blog: Barcelona’s Greatest Architect – Antoni Gaudi! Antoni […]

10 Interesting Facts About Spain That You Don’t Know

Interesting Facts About Spain

Spain is an amazing country with a lot of little surprises.  Many of us know about the history of the Conquistadores and Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, but there are curious things about this amazing country which may have escaped you. Here is our list of 10 Interesting facts about Spain that you don’t know: […]

Best Spanish Movies To Watch – Part 2

Best Spanish Movies To Watch - Part 2

    One of the best ways to learn Spanish language is by watching movies in Spanish with subtitles. Here we give you the second part of our list of  Best Spanish Movies to watch.   Lo Imposible (The Impossible) 2012 This is an English-language Spanish disaster drama film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. It is […]