About Javier GIménez

Javier is convinced that studying Spanish in Spain is the best and most efficient way to learn Spanish. His experience with non-Spanish students and friends has led him to create don-spanish.com. After a few years of academic experience, he has realized that improving classroom language with a refined system, improves not only speed but also in keeping the language to persuade the student to continue to improve throughout his life.

Don Spanish aims to provide the best experience for travelers with the ambition to understand not only the language but also the cities, people, and culture of Spain.

About Don Spanish

Don teaches Spanish in different cities of Spain. Our approach underscores our clear focus on the teaching of Castilian Spanish in Spain.

Our mission is to provide effective Spanish courses together with showing the Spanish lifestyle to help understand not only the language but also the cultural facts that will help you to learn and understand better the Spaniards. Our destinations have been chosen to maximize the learning experience as well as to enjoy and have fun in and out of the classroom.

Partnership with Don Spanish

Don Spanish is associated only with the best Spanish academies in major cities of Spain . The Don Spanish methodology has been accepted by most universities and academies as useful for teaching Spanish in Spain .

About our students

We are very proud of the diversity of our students, representing more than 30 countries. Please see some of our testimonials and make sure to give your opinion when leaging our site.


The best summer ever…

- Paul Emeritt, Glasgow

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