The Best Way To Learn Another Language

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There are many benefits associated with learning a foreign language, such as improved job opportunities, increased income potential or even the ability to enjoy conversing with people in their native tongue and feeling confident when traveling to foreign countries. It can take years for some people to master a foreign language and only months for […]

All rise! Spanish course is now in session

This text is for those who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish, and who want to continue to study it more deeply, to use it in the professional life (Jurisprudence and Law). Every 15 days we will publish a post, so you could improve your level of Spanish in juridical terminology, and without stress. […]

Test your level for free

Select the best option in each case. Then write a paragraph in Spanish, in which you present. Send us your answers to the following email: 1. Hoy ______ lunes y mañana ______ primavera. es / está está / está es / es 2. Esta película es muy _______. bueno buena bien 3. Hoy ________ […]

Don-Spanish Student End-of-Course Boating Trip

Last Saturday, Don-Spanish students were treated to a day out boating, courtesy of Don Spanish, as a farewell after a two-week intensive Spanish language course during which the students bettered their fluency and comprehension of the language as well as taking part and enjoying the extra activities offered by Don Spanish. We would like to […]

Sagrada Familia and part 2

Did you know that Gaudí was not the first architect of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia? This fact and some others were explained to our students last week by Tomás, our private guide for barcelona’s magnificent temple. Because intense cultural experiences are so important to the motivation of second languages we have designed specific culturally and […]

Sagrada Familia and part 1

Did you know that the Sagrada Familia, the famous unfinished temple by Gaudi, is the most visited building in Barcelona? Our students in discovered this and another intereting facts last week in a private visit to Sagrada Familia. No ques, no waiting time, no worries, … private visits with have priority pass to […]

Welcome Breakfast

Last week organized a welcome breakfast. A group of 10 students mostly coming from the Netherlands through Barcelona Sudents -a well known organization in Barcelona providing access to internships in Companies located in Barcelona, Spain- participated in a welcome breakfast held in the facilities of in Calle Almogavers 165 in Barcelona. In […] invites you for breakfast is organizing a networking-breakfast coming Wednesday Nov 19th at 09:45 held to welcome a group of Dutch students who will be studying in Barcelona dependencies BA Bussines Factory (Almogavers 165), a course in Spanish. It can be a good way to make foreign Networking with benefits for all. The Dutch group will meet new […]

Barcelona Surf House

Barcelona is becoming one of the most cosmopolitan and resourceful cities in the Mediterranean. I can say this much after my visit to Barcelona Surf House last Saturday. I had the opportunity to try one of the best smoothies I have ever tried. It was even a greatet experience than expected since I learned that […]