Top 5 trendy shops in Gracia

trendy shops in Gracia

If you are bored of the same old shops that plaster the high street and want a breath of fresh air, then why not venture to Verdi? It has long been one of Gràcia’s liveliest streets, where business and culture are the focus, and bars and independent shops of all descriptions are battling for space. […]

Brunch in Barcelona

Brunch in Barcelona

For those who BRUNCH Who doesn’t enjoy a good brunch whether it’s on a lazy sunday or after a Friday night out with your friends? Here are five perfect  cafés to brunch in Barcelona and spend a perfect afternoon. For those of you who are interested in gluten free and vegetarian foods:   Flax & Kale– […]

Mysterious and creepy places of Spain

spanish abandoned house

Although it’s not a Halloween night yet, we want to tell about some creepy places of Spain, just in case, if somebody wants to visit them some day 😉 Our country as well as others is full of stories and legends that speak of mysterious appearances, unexplained sounds in the middle of the night and […]

Valencia – Amazing City To Learn Spanish

Valencia learn spanish

In our beautiful country there are plenty of cities and places to see and enjoy. Our magnificent capital Madrid, cosmopolitan Barcelona, passionate Sevilla, Ibiza Island with its famous nightlife and hippies, etc. But there is one city, that you definitely should visit if you come to Spain. Please welcome – beautiful Valencia! Numbers and history […]

Natural Parks Close To Barcelona. Volcanoes Of Garrotxa

spain girona la garrotxa volcano

Do you know how many natural reserves there are in Spain? And how many of them are located close to Barcelona? No? Well, you will be surprised of a variety of natural parks we have in our pretty small but incredibly beautiful country! In Spain, there are plenty of parks for every taste: land, sea, […]

Sant Marti Barcelona – innovative neighborhood


Sant Marti is a coastal area stretching from Poblenou to the sea. Its architecture integrates stunning contemporary buildings where important companies of the city, and family apartments are located. That is why this zone is filled by workpeople full of vitality and energy, as well as by persons who want to enjoy a walk along […]

Blog of the week: “Guirigirl in Barca”

From we want to highlight this week, the blog of the blogger Julie Sheridan “Guirigirl in Barca” which has caught our attention because she goes through more tips of Barcelona than a native does 😉 “Guirigirl in Barca” has a very good section of restaurants and bars in Barcelona where celiacs may swell sweets […]

Want to know the best beach of Spain?

Spain is full of places worthy to be visited. Crowded beaches and big cities are prime destinations when we choose to make a trip, and we even choose to fly abroad thinking at the same time that all is well seen, we ignore domestic tourism. Therefore, here we are presenting you an essential tip of […]