English – Spanish False Friends – Part 1

English - Spanish false friends

English – Spanish false friends False friends – a term that sounds a lot more dramatic than it is! Essentially false friends are words that sound similar between two languages, and lull you into a false sense of security before leading you straight into the middle of an awkward situation – much like an actual […]

Protect your eyes! Total Eclipse is coming up

This friday, March 20, the mankind will become the witness of one of the most surprising phenomenon – a total solar eclipse. As seen from the Earth, a solar eclipse is a type of eclipse that occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully or partially blocks (“occults”) the […]

Student life hacks for your Erasmus

Everyday life when you’re abroad can be difficult. You become personally responsible for everything you need to do even if you do not particularly know how to. This is where these helpful tips below can be of use. The article is just some helpful tricks that help you solve your daily problems in cool ways […]

Simple tricks to speak Spanish like a true Spanish

Simple tricks to speak Spanish like a true Spanish. The Spanish language, as many of the languages that come from Latin, exist some words that by themselves are meaningless. But its role is tremendously important, introducing the noun or an element that acts as a name. Articles must agree in gender and number with the […]

What are the first 5 things you should focus to learn Spanish

Many people ask me about what should they learn first when starting Spanish lessons. My first approach to this question is quite generic. I recommend starting with basic verbs, personal pronouns, basic nouns, numbers and some tough but very useful verbs like “ser” o “estar”. Once you have learned the basics, practice is the best […]

What are the best Spanish Resources to learn our language?

To learn a language like Spanish, the students use many tricks or shortcuts academics to be more effective in the study. One of the most used resources are summary tables of information or what was formerly called “chuletas” in Spanish. The “best sellers” in the industry of summary of basic information are the names and […]

New app with official tourist information is launched in Madrid

A new application for smartphones was launched in Madrid. And it suppose to make lives of thousands of travelers and lovers of this city easier, and the process of finding new places in the city – even more enjoyable. According to the information of the portal EsMadrid.com, the application contains all you need as a […]

Free Museum Sundays

Are you interested in art and history? Then mark all first Sundays in your calendar: In Barcelona a range of the most important museums are offering free admission on the first Sundays of the month all year long. Whether you want to explore Catalan art, history, music or the works of Picasso, here are some […]