Spanish language continues its unstoppable rise worldwide.

Interest in the Spanish language continues to increase worldwide. According to the “Cervantes Institute”, 548 million people currently speak or are studying the language. The largest increase in Spanish-speakers is predicted to happen in the United States where it is estimated that by 2050 it will become the country with the most Spanish-speakers worldwide at 133 million compared to the 52 million that currently speak the language. Another country that displays greater than average growth is Brazil where 30 million people count Spanish as a second language. Furthermore, Spanish is the second most widely used language on both Facebook and Twitter . The present and future of Spanish is promising. Today Spanish ranks among the top five languages ​​in regards to countries where Spanish is considered an official language, the number of speakers and geographical spread compared to Chinese and English, languages that will see setbacks in the future due to demographic changes. The Cervantes Institute study: “Spanish: a living language” 2014 report, reflects all this data.